Wow….I can’t believe another year is in the books. It seemed to go by so very fast.

Our business grew like crazy this year. We added 6 new communities to our list of communities this year and just those accounted for 13 new clients! When I add in all the clients we got that aren’t in gated communities…well, I can tell you we have been very busy. So much better than being bored…LOL!

We expanded our advertising into a golf journal and tripled our ad size in the Lely Resident and Visitor Guide for 2012.

Many of our clients received free home inspections for referring new clients to us. We thank them so much for their referrals. There is no better testament to our service than that. We feel we are the best home watch company in the Naples area and our clients must agree….we have never lost a client and indeed, still serve the very first one that signed up with us.

This time of year is usually very quiet for us. The biggest share of our clients are in residence and enjoying our beautiful weather. This year, however, is so different. Our clients seem to have ‘home improvement never ends’ on their minds. They have been upgrading their homes and condos on an unprecedented basis. We have been installing ceiling fans, changing out light fixtures, installing auto fills for pools, hanging pictures, assembling furniture-in-a-box and overseeing renovations as on site managers. Having a heavy construction background has certainly come in handy.

And unusual requests have been pouring in…putting up exterior Christmas lights (the palm trees were a killer but they looked so nice!), taking care of orchids (none died…knock on wood), tracking down mis-sent packages and sending them on their correct path in time for Christmas, fishing lessons (Jack LOVES those requests!) and so much more. All this in addition to the usual…walking dogs, grocery shopping, pool cleaning, home cleaning, vendor key ins, opening and closings for our clients….the list goes on and on.

And the thing is…we LOVE what we do. We love making our clients happy. We love knowing that little things we do make their stay at their home-away-from-home as enjoyable as possible. Whether it is replacing a few plants to make the entry more welcoming, putting fresh flowers in a vase, or a myriad of other small things…we want our clients to smile the minute they walk through the door to their home. For us, this is FUN. It is so rare to have a job you really love to do…so we are so very lucky.

And while we do a lot of handyman work throughout the year, we know when there is a project we can’t handle and aren’t afraid to say so. Because of this, we have referred out over $500,000 of work to trusted vendors. Money that stays in our community and helps our economy.

So all in all, if 2012 is as good as 2011…we will be the happiest company in Naples!

To everyone out there….HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 be the best ever.