I can’t help it….I just have to laugh and shake my head.  I check out the web to see what the competition is up to and I actually came across a home watch website that claims to have a Home Watch license.  Really?  There is NO home watch license that is issued by the state of Florida or Collier county.  I know.  We checked when we first started our business and wanted to make sure we had everything we needed to be a legal, professional company.

This reminds me of the home watch company’s that say they are property managers, yet have no real estate license, which is required by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

I hope that seasonal residents don’t get taken in by this silly hype.  If a company is not being truthful about those types of things, what else are they not being truthful about?

When you are looking for a home watch company, you should look for these things:

  1. Are they insured?
  2. Are they bonded?
  3. Are they experienced in actually doing home watch?
  4. Are they accessible by phone or email and do they return your calls promptly?

Some other added benefits are construction experience, property management experience, disaster experience, and keeping up to date with technology of all types.  Testimonials are also good.  Ask if you can call any of their clients for a reference.

So, we don’t have a home watch license.  If they ever regulate this profession you can be sure we’ll be among the first in line to get one.  We would welcome regulation of this profession…..horror stories abound!

So be careful out their!  Do your homework….and then call us!