Recently, several of my clients have sent me lists that were sent to them from various people…property managers, realtors, friends.   Some of them are pretty standard…but in every case, there are things I don’t agree with.  This post is about MY opinions about closing.  I’ve been opening and closing properties since the mid 80’s…so I think I can speak from an experienced perspective.


LEAVING THE AC ON 75.  To me, that is a waste of energy and money.  78 is pretty standard.  It can always be lowered if needed.  I personally like 76, but it does drive up the electric bill.  I have other clients that want it at 80 or 82, and nothing has ever happened to their home or condo.  We keep an extra close eye on them!  So far so good, but I still recommend 78.

LEAVE ALL THE CEILING FANS ON LOW.    If your AC is working properly, it won’t need the assist the fans provide.  The only time we turn any on is if the AC is having a problem and will be getting fixed, or sometimes during the winter when the AC doesn’t come on often enough to circulate the air.  That being said,  the client is always right and anything that gives you peace of mind is ok with me.

HAVE AC SYSTEM SERVICED ANNUALLY.   It should be serviced no less than twice a year.  Three times is better.  Drain lines clog up quickly during the rainy system and next thing you know, the AC is frozen and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars to have it fixed.

HANGING DAMP RIDS.  When using Damp Rids, the big tubs end up being way cheaper than the hanging packets.  They will last up to a year!   If your home gets really warm inside during the summer, we will find out soon enough, then I may suggest getting Damp Rid and if there is a room  that tends to be warmer and more humid, I will definitely recommend Damp Rid.

PUTTING DAMP RID IN CAR AND GARAGE.  Damp Rid is a must inside a car…but you wouldn’t want to leave the windows open or the Damp Rid will be absorbing humidity from the whole garage!  When we visit, we always crack the garage doors open to get air circulation inside and Damp Rids are really not necessary inside.  Again, if there ends up being a problem with humidity, then I would suggest getting them or a dehumidifier.