Looking to make all things water that works for you and your home.  Check out our lists of Do’s and Don’t when it comes to water.

DO get a “splash block” for outside your home. Place it underneath your outside water pipe/gutter, and watch as the water safely diverts away from your home’s structure. A splash block helps to stores it, and prevent erosion and potential floods near your foundation. If you need help installing splash blocks – Call Us!

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DON’T forget to check home appliances for leaks. Regularly checking for water leaks conserves water, and helps prevent an astronomical water bill and damage.

DO get your gutters cleaned! Avoid the possibility of your gutters backing up with old vegetation and rainwater. Failing to regularly clean out your gutters opens the possibility to situations like: roof leaks due to water build-up, intense rusting on your gutters, insect infestation, and landscape damage. If you need help arranging a cleaning, call the Golden Property team at (239)-455-0459 or visit us here.

DON’T wait until the last minute to prepare for a tropical storm/hurricane. Important supplies, such as jugs of water, tend to run out quickly when everyone rushes to stock up at the same time. Getting ahead of the crowd is easy when you stay informed by watching the weather closely. Be sure to call our office ASAP if you’re out of town and need storm shutters up!

DO know your flood zone! This information helps you decide what protection you need and affects your insurance! The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) classifies flood zones by letters. V-Zones being the most hazardous, A-Zones being subjected to rising water levels, X-Zones experiencing minimal flooding, and D-Zones being areas that have not been studied for flood probabilities thus far. Click HERE to find your area’s flood zone map. Have questions about flood insurance – call and let us refer you to some trusted, expert insurance agents.

DON’T choose disposable water bottles over one, durable, reusable water bottle. If you’re still buying packs of plastic water bottles, it is less economical and increases the impact on the environment.

DON’T water your plants in the middle of the afternoon. Because this is the hottest part of the day, any water you use on your grass and plants will evaporate much faster, compared to water in the early morning, or at night. Call us if you need irrigation help and we can refer you to a qualified expert.

DO turn off and unplug your pool pump during a major storm. This is extremely important when trying to avoid an electrical short in the motor. After the storm passes, remove all debris that may have been blown into the pool during the heavy wind and rain. Our Home Watch agents can help monitor the functionality of your pool and can help you prepare for the bad weather by moving pool furniture or helping with your shutters.

DON’T use your hose to clean off your driveway. Something as simple as removing debris from your driveway can be done with a sturdy push broom. This easy swap conserves water, avoids a muddy mess, and reduces your chances of slipping and falling.

DO embrace the trend of collecting and harvesting rainwater. This avoids the need to excessively irrigate your property and allows you to use this harvested water to hydrate your yard, garden, and plants. If you nee help making this possible, call us to refer an expert landscaper.

Golden Property Management and Home Watch Services understand both the value and the damaging potential of water. We do our part to stop that drop so we can conserve and preserve our water.

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