The economy is bad. Nothing new….we all know it, feel it, live it. But most people don’t realize that some Home Watch companies are helping our local economy by referring professional, competent, honest local businesses to their clients. While we do a lot of handyman repairs, there are projects just too big or even just beyond our expertise. In the past year we have referred a dock renovation company, pipe lining company, a/c company, pest control company, hurricane shutter company, even a collectible car repair shop. We referred an electrician, screen enclosure repairman, landscaping company, window repairman and cleaners and others! Because of our referrals our clients have put over $300,000 into local businesses.

We were able to do that because there are wonderful, honest companies out there. They have proven to us that they can get the job done to our high standards. They have made our clients happy…and that makes us happy. We do not get paid from or take any fees from these businesses. We are glad to make life easier for as many people as we can.

And making our clients happy is what it is all about!