The summer is winding down and we are gearing up for the season. We are looking forward to all our northern neighbors seasonal visits and we’re busy making sure their homes are in tip top shape. We are still getting rain almost every day, but no hurricanes yet. Katia is heading north of us….thank goodness!

Thinking of hurricanes always makes me feel anxious for homeowners that live up north. I mean, if I had a home here and my permanent home was in, say, Vermont, and a hurricane was heading for Naples, and I didn’t have a home watch service….I would be so worried about my home. Did the roof survive? Are there any windows broken? Was there any flooding?

I thought about this last week when Hurricane Irene was on her way. What do the people up north do? Hope for the best?

On a completely different note, I regularly search the Net to see how our website places in searches. I’ve noticed someone using what might be a great marketing tool. They have a lot of different names for their business and show up on a search page many times, but it is still the same business. I’m still trying to decide if this is cool or not. My instincts tell me know. I’d love to hear what you think!

Our business is growing! Not too fast…LOL….but keeping us busy. Other than our website, referrals are our best source of new clients and I’m proud to say half of our new clients come from referrals! You can’t do better than having a real person telling you how great a company is and I thank all of our clients that have referred people to us.

I’ve been publishing articles about Home Watch on EZines, a web based magazine about all sorts of different things. If you’re interested in reading them, there is a link on our homepage at the bottom. Oddly enough, it is hard to read the print in the box, but in the unpublished version the lettering is dark! EZines is working on this for me.

Well, here’s to the upcoming season! Welcome to all our seasonal residents!