Wow….2011 is here and I still can’t believe how fast 2010 went.  Thanks to all our wonderful clients for making 2010 such a successful year for us.  We hope 2011 is prosperous for everyone.

Our out-of-state homeowners are here and are we happy to see them!  The benefits they bring far out weigh the negatives and it is so much fun to meet them and chat.  A couple years ago, I could say ‘I have a Home Watch company’ and they would get a puzzled look on their face and ask ‘What’s that?’  Now, the response is ‘How marvelous!’ or ‘What was your worst nightmare when going to a home?’…..LOL!  But it shows that the home watch industry is finally making an impact and people are realizing that the benefits of a home watch company far exceeds the cost.  When you think about it, $20 or $25 a visit is a bargain.  Between drive time, gas and the actual inspection, well over an hour is involved in each inspection.  If the home or condo is large then it isn’t unusual for it to involve 90 minutes just for the inspection alone.  It is a small price for peace of mind.

As always, it isn’t a matter of WHAT will happen to your home when you are gone, but WHEN.   Don’t leave your important investment on its own and hope that nothing ever happens.  Invest in a professional home watch company to monitor your property.