We like to say we do home watch and more.  The ‘and more’ covers a lot of territory with us because we are always doing extra little things for our clients.  But I’d like to focus on our background in relation to ‘And More’.  Our construction background means that we can get proposals for work for clients that are complete and correct with honest pricing and then oversee the whole project for the owner.  Recently, a client experienced plumbing drain problems.  Before he became our client, the solution was to have his floor dug up wherever the drain problem happened to be.  With an older home, this was really an ongoing problem and seemingly never ending.  Because we try to keep up with technology in areas, we knew that his drain lines could be lined with a polymer without having to have his floor excavated and then repaired.  This is innovative technology!  We found a company that did this type of work, negotiated the contract and then oversaw the work. We made sure the job was done correctly before we authorized the client to pay the bill.  He was even provided a video of the before and after of his pipes.  Now the drain line problem is fixed forever and we have a very satisfied client.

How about other areas?  We are currently overseeing a complete electrical change out and upgrade for a client. Also, the upgrade of a pool heating/filtration system.  The next big project is the complete renovation of a clients dock and boat lifts.

So you can see the ‘And More’ can mean a lot of things.  Because of our knowledge and experience we can oversee projects large and small for owners while they are away and they know things are being handled and done correctly.  And best of all, when they return to their home-away-from-home?  They can enjoy themselves instead of spending time and energy coordinating and executing these projects themselves.

So if you would like a home watch company that does MORE….call us!  We will do our utmost for you!