five reason why you need a home watch company

It is an often-asked question – “Why do you need a Home Watch Company”.  There are many reasons that range from insurance requirements to national disasters.  Here are the five most basic reasons we have come up with to validate the need for a qualified home watch company.

You Travel Frequently

A vacant home is a vulnerable home! Home watch specialists keep track of your home’s efficiency, while making notes of damages, broken appliances or other issues that may have occurred while you were traveling.

Golden Property Management and Home Watch utilizes QRIDit software to create detailed checklists, schedule home watch visits and deliver invoices to clients while they are away.

You Have a Second Home in a Different State

When your vacation/seasonal home is in another state or region, hiring a home watch company while you’re gone could be a worthwhile investment, since the home is left vacant for long periods of time.

A home watch specialist differs from a house-sitter, in the sense that a sitter is someone who lives in your home for the time you’re away. A home watch specialist should not only be both bonded and insured, but also trained to spot issues within your home.

Your Property Has a Pest Problem

Certain homeowners might need a home watch specialist to help monitor a re-occurring pest problem. Individuals who work full-time, travel for work, attend school, etc. frequently utilize home watch services to help keep appointments and watch for problems.

Our specialists can refer you to a trustworthy exterminator, contractor or inspector, if you wish.

Your Property is in a Tropical Region

Harsh weather in the form of high humidity, salty air, heavy rains and strong winds, can wreak havoc to the interior and exterior of your home.

Your Property is In the Path of a Tropical Storm

Strong winds can result in flying objects and downed tree branches damaging windows and roofs. Flooding can result in serious property damage and loss of precious belongings. Often, as a result of storms, a small problem can turn into a tragic disaster. For example, a small roof leak can become a major source of damage in a short period of time during a heavy storm.

These are just five of the most basic reason why you may need a home watch company.  If can think of any more reasons you may need to investigate a need for or have questions about what determines a qualified home watch service, feel free to contact the professionals at Golden Property Management and Home Watch Services.